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Regular Meetings

To apply and sign-up as a participant or a tutor for an announced meetup (or to suggest a new meetup), please send a brief email with your name and desired courses to

Weekly meetups in English





Meetups description

Amorera English

Apply for joining our English meet-ups - learn, improve and practice your English skills by reading, writing and speaking about topics relevant to you and your life. You can enjoy a friendly, playful and unformal environment. You will have an opportunity to meet new people, to collaborate on creating something useful while learning. You can initiate or join a project to make the world a better place.

The meetings are based on the latest research findings about easy and successful learning. We know about the important roles of fun, laughter, movement, colaboration, active participation in the study process. We also know that the best learning is peer learning. It is known that the best way to understand something better and to remember it for longer is through teaching! That is why, we create an opportunity for everyone to teach what they have learned.

We add up to traditional courses by giving a chance to feel at ease and fluent with the language by using it in real-life natural situations. There are parallel groups for kids & youngsters. The meetups are appropriate for people with various levels of language proficiency - from intermediate to advanced. During all sessions English is the only spoken language. The meetings are perfect for people attending regular courses, for those studying individually, as well as for people who have lived abroad and want to maintain their knowledge or just enjoy a nice talk.


We are looking for a team!

Highly qualified and enthusiastic people are welcome to apply for joining Amorera.

If you are a talanted expert in science, art or technology and would like to share your knowledge, products or ideas, now you can join AMORERA as a member, volunteer, partner organization, collaborator, etc.

You are definitely encouraged to apply if you are a positive person with a special interest in one of the following or related fields:

  • research on reward, flow, flourishing or positive emotions
  • education, psychology or psychiatry
  • health, yoga or meditation
  • programming or web & game development
  • design
  • languages
  • music, writing or fine art
  • social & green initiatives or volunteering

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